Post 1 For Distance Learning 4/7/20


Hello Amazing Kinder Parents,

We hope this post finds you and your family happy and healthy.  As many of you know this week teachers and staff returned to school from a distance.  Your Kinder teachers are busy at work putting together a plan that will support our distance learning in a very “flexible” way.  We know that right now things are very unsettling and that we all feel like we are juggling lots of different tasks right now.  Our aim in Kinder is to provide learning activities that are both fun and engaging.  In the next few days your teacher will send you emails to let you know about sites we will be using and how to best access those sites.

As it stands right now all Kinder teachers will be using an app called Class Dojo as a communication platform and another platform called Seesaw for teaching tasks.  Our plan is to send you emails and information updates regularly thru both email and Class Dojo.  So we ask that you check those on a regular basis.  As for Seesaw we will be using this platform for our learning tasks and activities.  Please know that any and all tasks are merely a suggestion and that nothing is mandatory.

We have attached 2 video links for Class Dojo and Seesaw that we thought might provide some information to explain these platforms to you.  Please know that you can only access these after getting an email from you teacher with codes and/or invitation link.  Be patient with us as we are learning how to utilize these as well and might make mistakes along the way.

We are excited to connect with you and your kiddos and feel that these 2 platforms are so kid friendly they’ll get excited to see what’s next.



If you have any questions or concerns please email your kinder teachers and we will try our best to answer and provide support.  We look forward to a fun learning adventure from a distance…  We got this Kinder Parents!!!

Here’s a fun video for the kiddos….



th-11Much Love from the Kinder Teachers

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