Weekly Post for 2/3



Hello Amazing Kinder Parents.


Thanks to all of the parents who donated items for our 100th Day Projects…  it truly made for a fun day indeed.

As we begin our week here are a few reminders…

  1.  Please remember that HW is always due on Monday.  When doing HW please make sure that your kiddos are completing it with support from you.  HW should be done in pencil not pen or marker.. thank you.
  2. Library Books are always due on Wed.  (Blaylock/Hickman/Booth) and Thurs. (Snyder/Yalamanchi).  If your child forgets their books please simply bring it to the office and they will give it to us…  coming to class to deliver a library book can cause a disruption in our learning/teaching time which is golden.  Thank you for respecting our learning and teaching time.
  3. As our year is motoring along we are in need of some supplies for both in the classroom as well as outside.  We have made a Wish List on Amazon to help provide an idea of items needed.    We so appreciate donations.  Thank you.                              Kinder Amazon Wish List


4.  Just a reminder that 2/14 and 2/17 are school holidays in honor of Presidents Day.


Below is the link to our weekly Kinder newsletter.  Please take a moment to click on the link to read up about all of our learning for the week.  Please note this week there is a writing topic of:  Chinese New Year.  Last week the children learned about this in class and have loads of information.  Below we have also attached a video to further help with the writing topic if needed.

February 3, 2020 newsletter[4224]


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