Weekly Kinder Post 1/20/20


Hello Amazing Kinder Parents,

Happy New Year and Happy 2020.  As we begin our week here are a few reminders for all of you.

  1.  Just a reminder that HW packets always need to be returned on Mondays and please make sure they are complete.  It is important to remember that we need our kiddos to be completing the writing by themselves with your support for sound spelling of new words.  At this point in the school year our kiddos need to become as independent as they can and that starts with HW and Raz Kids. We have included a link to some great HW tips.

Homework Tips

  1. With our weather becoming cooler there are may jackets coming to school- please make sure they have a name written somewhere on them- so that if they do get misplaced it will be much easier to find their jacket a home.
  2. Please remember to send snacks daily-  we are no longer providing snacks for children as it is too cost prohibitive.  We are nearing 100 days in school and we sincerely hope that snacks are a part of the daily routine.  We are including a link that shared how to create a snack station for your  kiddos…Snack Station for Kids.
  3. We are nearing the 100th day of school and will soon be in need of some fun donations for our 100th day snack mix and 100th day necklaces.  Letters will ne set home this week to students asking for donations.


Below is the weekly link to our Kinder Newsletter.  Please take a moment to click on the link to read up about all of our learning for the week.

January 21, 2020 newsletter[3810]

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