Weekly Post for Week of 12/16


th-3Hello Amazing Kinder Parents,

As we begin our final week before Winter Break here are a few reminders for all of you.

  1.  All Library Books needs to be returned before going out on break.  Please check backpacks, under beds, under the couch and return those books.
  2. There is no HW packet this week.  However, we would strongly encourage all of you to have your kiddos go on Raz Kids daily and read, listen to and take quizzes.  Remember that our end of the year goal is a Level E/F.  If your kiddo is still on a Level A or B- they are behind for sure.
  3. There is a Holiday Gift Shop this week at school.  If you would like to send money in with a list of who your kiddo is buying for we will take them over to the gift shop.  Typically gifts run between $1.00 to 10.00, and very often kiddos buy gifts for their Moms, Dads, and siblings and such.  They will be wrapped as well- a nice touch indeed.



  1. Scholastic Book Fair:

    Monday–Friday: 12/9–12/13 – Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Scholastic Book Fair
    Give the gift of reading? Go to the library before and after school for the Scholastic BOGO Book Fair. For details on the hours, see FB event (https://www.facebook.com/events/2794914107259002/) or PTA Blog (https://wolfcanyontimberwolvespta.com/2019/12/05/scholastic-bogo-book-fair-dec-9-13/).

  2. We are looking for some donations for our classrooms this week:

24 ice cream cones (pointy kind), 6 cans of green frosting, M & M’s and Skittles

Capri Suns (24 per class), and Store bought Christmas cookies.

If you can help us out with any of these items please let us know.  Thank You.


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