Weekly Post for Week of 11/18


Hello Amazing Kinder Parents,

Mark your calendars this Friday- 11/22 is our Stone Soup Sing Along Celebration.  Letters were sent home with all of the information last week on orange paper.  The Sing Along will start at 12:45 in our classrooms.  You do not need to go through our school office- please go right to your kiddos classroom through our kinder gate.  Please allow for time for parking as we have over 125 Kinder families.  After we sing in our classrooms we will go outside to enjoy our delicious Stone Soup.  We are looking forward to a wonderful afternoon full of memories, laughter, fun.  Please let your teacher know if for any reason you are unable to attend.



Here are a few other friendly reminders as we begin our last week before Thanksgiving Break:

  1.  There will be no Homework Packet this week as it is the week before Thanksgiving and we want our families to enjoy their family time during break.  We do however strongly encourage all of you to have your kiddos complete Raz Kids books daily.  By this time of the year we love for all of our kiddos to be at a level C…  as our end of the year goal is a level E/F.  If your kiddo is still on a level AA or A…. it is time to get them going on Raz Kids daily- as they are behind in their reading practice.
  2. Please remember that this week on Monday we will be sending home letters with some of our kiddos asking for donations for our Stone Soup.  We are asking that if you are donating a vegetable it be sent in raw and cleaned- not cooked.  The teachers will then take all of the yummy donations home and prepare the Stone Soup.
  3. As the weather starts to cool down jackets are becoming needed.  Please make sure that any and all jackets are labeled with a name- so that when they go missing they are much easily found.
  4. Remember to send snacks daily in bags that are labeled with names.  Often kiddos don’t have snack and we are providing snacks for now, after Thanksgiving break we will no longer provide snacks daily to those who forgot as it is too costly for us to maintain.
  5. We are also looking for some fun treasures for our treasure box- as the holidays fast approach holiday treasures would be fun.  (party favors and small trinkets work best.)
  6. Parents we need your help- we are in need of some donations for our classrooms.  If you can donate any of the below items it would be so greatly appreciated.

1.  8 1/2 x 11 laminating pouches

2.  Gluesticks

3.  White Lunch bags

4.  Lysol Wipes

5.  Sheet Protectors

6.  small candy canes



Below is the link to our weekly Kinder newsletter.  Please take a moment to click on the link and read up about all of our learning and activities for the week.

November 18, 2019 newsletter[3418]



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