Weekly Post for Week of 2/11


Hello Amazing Kinder Parents,

As we start our week here are a few reminders…

A special note:  In our weekly HW we have begun to include a writing task.  The purpose of this writing task is for your kiddos to practice what we have worked on in class at home to build both their writing confidence and writing stamina.  We ask that when your kiddo is writing that you help them to sound spell words that are decodable (I.E.  house= hows,  leader=ledr), encourage them to spell sight words  (I.E.  the, like, you)  correctly and to have them read back what they have written.  We are finding that many children are turning in writing that is not matching what they produce in class with specific supports.  Remember we don’t want parents to do the writing- we want our kiddos to do the writing…  this is a key piece in our writing program and we need your help and support with this.

1.  Thursday-  Feb  14th is Jump For Heart…  we will all go out to jump at 2:15 to 2:45 PM.  Please make sure your kiddos ae dressed in safe and appropriate shoes and clothing for this event.




2.  Thursday- 2/14  is Valentine’s Day…and we will be exchanging Valentine cards on this day.  Letters were sent home 2 weeks ago asking for our kiddos to simply sign 24 cards and if needed bring 24 treats.  This way when it is time to pass these cards out it is much simpler to have no names rather than helping 24 kiddos read 24 names…. 24 times…. Yikes!!!



3.  Just a reminder that a few weeks back we sent home a bright pink paper about Kinder T-Shirt orders.  Thus far we have received less than 20 gradewide.  We will send home a second reminder sheet about these shirts.  It is a great chance for all of our kiddos to have a special shirt for our upcoming field trips and special days in kinder.  The orders need to be placed prior to us going out on Spring Break- and all orders need to be paid in cash.   We would love for every child to have a special kinder shirt.


4.  Just a reminder that there is no school this Friday- Feb. 15th and Monday- Feb, 18th in honor of President’s Day Weekend.



Below is the link to our weekly newsletter.  Please take a moment to read through to learn about all of our learning for the week.

February 11, 2019 newsletter




PTA Membership Drive

Help our PTA by becoming a member.  You can pick up membership envelopes in the main office.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 8.16.53 AM



Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 7.52.32 AM








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