Welcome to Week 2 in Kinder

As we get ready to start our week here are a few friendly reminders:

Arrival: Kinder Gates open at 8:35 and close at 8:45

Dismissal: Kinder Gates will open at 3:00 for dismissal. Please remember it is one class at a time.

Safety Reminder: Please use the crosswalk at all times and DO NOT WALK IN THE DRIVING LANES..

This is an example of our Kinder Weekly Learning Intentions:

Wolf Canyon Staff Spotlight: Let us introduce you to our school counselor:

Welcome, Kinder Parents !!!

Seeing so many smiling faces today at our Kinder Orientation was so nice. We know that a lot of information was shared. We wanted to ensure we gave you some key points for our first “official” day in Kinder tomorrow. Whoo Hoo!!!

  1. Arrival: School starts at 8:45 AM and our Kinder gate will open promptly at 8:35 for drop-off. Please remember that your kiddo will need to be walked to our gate. Safety is our number one concern and we do not want anyone to drop off their kiddo and have them walk to class without an adult. The gate will close promptly at 8:45. If you are late to school and the gate is locked you will then need to report to the office and get a “green” slip.
  2. Dismissal: School will be a modified day and will dismiss at 1:30 PM. We will dismiss from our Kinder Gate one class at a time. Please keep in mind that when a class is dismissed give them room and move back- please no crowding the gate it can be scary for our littles. If your kiddo has not been picked up by 1:40 PM they will be walked to the office for a late pick-up. When leaving school with your kiddo- USE THE CROSSWALK- DO NOT WALK ACROSS THE DROP OFF LANES.
  3. Lunch: If your kiddo is bringing their lunch from home tomorrow please make sure it has their name and the letter “L” written on it. If they have a fancy lunchbox- please label it with their name and the letter “L” as well. These 2 simple things will make it much easier for us to support and guide your kiddos. If your kiddo will be getting lunch from school- we will help them walk through the line and teach them how to get their lunch (the main course, a drink, and a fruit or veg.). Remember that we highly prefer that lunches from home contain no nuts (peanut butter, cookies with nuts, etc..) as we have a very high percentage of kiddos with peanut allergies.
  4. Backpacks: Once school begins we will have your kiddos unpack their backpacks and pull out their Green folders and lunches and water bottles. This task is often a bit time-consuming at the beginning of the year but will get smoother and smoother as they get more confident. Please make sure their backpack, water bottles and such are – you guessed it labeled.
  5. Green Folders: Please make sure that the Green Folder is returned every day. If you have papers that you have filled out, place them inside the folder and we will make sure to go through them and take them out. Under no circumstances should your child have papers in their hands- always put papers, notes, etc… in the Folder, this will ensure that nothing is lost or misplaced.

Wolf Canyon Schoolwide Information

Please see below for some important information about our First Week:

Please see below for information about Parent Volunteers:

Please see below about joining our school PTA (your membership dues support our school and provide us with valuable supplies and materials for our kiddos and classrooms).

2021-2022 School Info.

Welcome Back to the 2021/22 School Year!

Posted on July 14, 2021 by vbowman74

Welcome back, Timberwolves!

  • Wednesday, July 21st is the first day of school. It is a minimum day! Students in grades 1-6 and SDC will be dismissed at 1:45pm.
  • TK and Kinder families! A Meet-and-Greet/Classroom Visit is being planned for the first day of school. Your child’s teacher will be contacting you with more detailed information.
  • Class lists for the 21/22 school year will be posted by grade level on Tuesday, July 20th in front of the school. Lists will be available from 4:30pm – 7:30pm and again on the morning of July 21st beginning at 7:00am.