Weekly Kinder Post for 4/22


Hello Amazing Kinder Parents,

As we begin our week here are a few reminders….


  1.  Please remember to send in your Sea World permission slips, money and/or Sea World pass ASAP….  our field trip is April 30th- Next Tuesday and we will need to submit a final count by this Friday (4/26).


  1. As many of you noticed our HW packet is a bit modified.  As we begin our end of the year testing in reading, writing, and math we feel it is best to modify homework.  We strongly encourage you all to continue with Raz Kids daily and use those book titles for the reading log that was on the back of the homework sheet.


  1. We are in the process of practicing for our Kinder musical….  kiddos will have speaking parts and songs to learn.  Our musical is May 9th- so mark your calendars.


  1. Please remember to send snacks daily- especially during our testing time when our brains are working extra hard.


April is Month of the Military Child. This is a time to recognize Military Families and their children for the sacrifices they make, the resilience they display and the challenges they overcome.  Currently, Wolf Canyon has 206 Military Students. We will be celebrating Month of the Military Child with the following Spirit Days and Activities: 

  • Tu, 4/23 – Proud to be an American Day – Wear Red, White, and Blue
  •  W, 4/24 – Crazy Camo Day – Wear Camouflage Clothes
  • Th, 4/25 – Military Parents are our Super Heroes – Wear your favorite Super Hero attire.
    • 8:20-9:00am – Muffins for the Military – Military students and parents are invited to enjoy muffins, coffee, and orange juice in the MPR.
  • F, 4/26 – Purple Up Friday – Everyone wear purple because purple is a combination of all the military branch colors.


1.  Pennies for Patients….

Please help support this great cause.

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Below is the link to our weekly newsletter.  Please take a moment to click on the link to read up about all of our learning for the week.  It is always a great idea to keep practicing those sight words and completing Raz Kids books….

April 22, 2019 newsletter




Monday, 4/22 – Spring Pictures

  • 4pm – WC Soccer Home vs. Marshall

Tuesday, 4/23 – Red White and Blue

  • School Bus Driver Appreciation Day
  • K-1 Local Measures Testing Window Opens
  • 9:45am – Fire Drill
  • 12:00pm – DAC/DELAC Meeting, ESSC
  • 6:30pm – PTA Association Meeting, MPR

Wednesday, 4/24 – Wear Camo

  • Secretary’s Day
  • 8:55am – Morning Howl Broadcast

Thursday, 4/25 – Super Hero Day

  • 8:20am – Muffins for the Military, MPR

Friday, 4/19Wear Purple

  • 8:45am – Blacktop Birthday Book Club
  • 9am – Gr. 5 Red Carpet Assembly, MPR
  • 1pm – Reclassification Ceremony
    • Kinder will dismiss at 1:30pm
    • 1-6 will dismiss at 1:45pm

 Have a great week and remember…It’s Great to be a Timberwolf!


Weekly Post for Kinder 4/15


Hello Awesome Blossom Parents,

A BIG THANK YOU to the Roberts Family (Sofia Roberts)- for their donation of soccer balls and soccer goals.  Our kiddos are loving them and are beyond excited to have them.  THANK YOU so much!!!!


As we start our week here are a few reminders…



  1.  All Permission slips are due for our Sea World trip on April 30th.  Please remember that if there is no payment or slip returned your child can not attend the trip.  We can take 1 parent for every child so the more parents we have the better.  Also when you send in your permission slips make sure to include all parts..the signed paper, money and/or pass and parent info. if going.  Thank you.   If you are in need of another permission slip please contact your kiddos teacher.



  1.  We have a Kinder Musical on May 9th at 6:30  PM.  More information will be sent home closer to the actual performance in regards to costumes and such.  Please know that we have most of the costume parts… and will need your kiddos to wear things such as jeans and ‘farmer attire’.  Our musical is called  EIEI…OOps…It’s about a cow that just won’t Moo….    We have just begun to practice songs and then will assign speaking parts too.  It is a fun event so be on the lookout for more info.  and mark those calendars….  it is a Kodak Moment indeed.

3.     We are in need of some donations as we end our year…  please see the list below…

Treasure box items (party favor toys,etc…)

Astrobright paper (neon)  8 1/2 x 11

White cardstock  81/2 x 11

White Copy paper  8 1/2 x 11


Lysol Wipes

As always….thank you so much…this helps us out a lot.




Please take a moment to click on the link below to read up about all of our learning for the week.  Please remember that this weeks writing topic is:  Opinion.  So only have your kiddo write their opinion about who is better a doctor or a teacher….  Also please keep studying those sight words…  remember our goal is for our kiddos to leave knowing the first 100 sight words before entering First Grade.  And as always…. RAZ KIDs….

April 15, 2019 newsletter-1



Reflections Recpetion.png

Week at a Glance-

CR = Conference Room

MPR = Multi-Purpose Room

 Monday, 4/15

  • 3:30pm – SSC Meeting, CR

 Tuesday, 4/16

Wednesday, 4/17

  • 3:30pm – IA Interviews, CR

Thursday, 4/18

  • 9am – 2nd Grade Musical for K-3
  • 4pm – WC Soccer Home vs. McMillin
  • 6:30pm – 2nd Grade Musical, MPR

Friday, 4/19 – SSC Nominations Due

  • 9am – Gr. 6 & Simmons Red Carpet Assembly, MPR
  • 10am – 2nd Grade Musical for Gr. 4-6
  • Kinder will dismiss at 1:30pm
  • 1-6 will dismiss at 1:45pm



Post for 3/22



Hello Amazing Kinder Parents,

We wanted to Thank You all for coming to our Parent-Teacher Conferences these past 2 weeks.   We know you all have busy schedules and taking time out to meet with us was key for your kiddo.



We also want to thank all of you for so many wonderful books from the Book Fair…our libraries are full with so many new books…it is very exciting indeed.



Enjoy your Spring Break and take time to stop and smell the roses and take in all the sights and sounds of Spring.

– Love, Your Kinder Teachers


Spring Break – March 23 – April 7th

Students Return – April 8th, Minimum Day

Weekly Kinder Post for Week of 3/18

Hello Amazing Parents,

As we begin our last week before Spring Break here are a few reminders…

  1.  This entire week we have minimum days for Conferences- with dismissal at 1:30  PM  daily.  Please make arrangements for pick-up a teachers will not have time to wait for late pick-ups.  Thank you.
  2.  If you haven’t already please send in your kiddos Kinder T-Shirt order…  we will place the order over Spring Break and there will be no exceptions made for any late orders.
  3. Our last Book Fair of the year will be March 14-21st Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.17.22 AM.png

    The hours will be:


  4. PTA News:
    • The PTA Membership Drive is still happening! If you have not joined, you still can!
    • Our Mixed Bags Fundraiser has been extended to Friday, March 15th!
    • The PTA Association Meeting/Election will be held on March 19th at 6:30 here at Wolf Canyon.



Below is the link to our weekly newsletter.  Please take a moment to click on the link to read up about all of our learning for the week.

March 18 2019 newsletter

Weekly Post for Week of 3/11



Hello All…

As we start out week here are a few reminders.

  1.  Starting Thursday- 3/14 through 3/22  we will be having Parent Teacher conferences.  Starting Thursday- 3/14 we will be on a minimum day schedule with dismissal at 1:30.  It is important that you make the proper arrangements for pick-up after school as teachers will be conferencing and will not wait for any late pick-ups.
  2. There will be a modified HW packet this week due to Parent-Teacher Conferences.  It will focus on the reading of 3 letter words and Math as well.    We also expect all kinders to log onto Raz Kids daily for 10-15 minutes.  Teachers will be checking daily reports to ensure kiddos are accessing this reading program.
  3. Please make sure to send in T-Shirt orders- as the order will be placed this week and there will be no exceptions.  If your child does not order a shirt then they will not have one.


March 11, 2019 newsletter



Weekly Kinder Post for Week of 3/4


Hello Amazing Kinder Parents,

As we begin our first week in March here are a few reminders.

  1.  Attention All Parents…  we are in need of your help.  We have sent home 2 paper order forms for our Kinder T Shirts- but still do not have 100% from all of our classes.  It has been very hard to get these forms returned- and that is why we need your help.    We would love to have every kiddo with our special Kinder T-Shirt that has our class names on the back and our grade level on the front.  We love to wear these shirts to our field trips and other special days at school.   We are one of the few grade levels that do this special T-Shirt for our kiddos.   Please take a moment to fill out the order form and return it ASAP.  Once we go out on Spring Break we will place the order and will not be able to order after that point.-  No Exceptions.    If you are in need of another order form please let us know.

2.  In Honor of Dr. Seuss and his Birthday- March 2nd we will be celebrating  his birthday this week by reading some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books in class.  Below is a link to a fun Dr. Seuss read a loud…  The Butter Battle Book..



Below is the link to our weekly Kinder newsletter.  Please take a minute to click on the link to read up about all of our learning for the week.

March 4, 2019 newsletter









Don’t forget to order your Yearbook!  Pre-sales end February 28th.

To place your order, please visit https://commpe.pictavo.com/shop

School Code is 79990


Weekly Post for Week of 2/25


Hello Amazing Kinder Parents,

As we begin our week here are a few reminders…

1.  Tomorrow your kiddos will bring home a white envelope for our new fundraiser from Mixed Bags.  This is a great way for us to raise money for our school to buy technology, books, art supplies and so much more.  Below is the link…


2.  Please remember that library books needs to be returned week to week.  If you do misplace your book you can always send in payment to clear your account.

3.  Please remember that your kiddos should not be bringing any small toys to school in their backpacks.  Very often we are finding toys being brought into our classrooms and on the playground that need to stay at home.  It is always a great idea to do a backpack check daily…

4.  We do need all T-Shirt orders returned ASAP.  We sent home a second order form last week on bright green paper.  We would love for each kiddo to order a shirt- so that when we go on our field trips and such we can all wear our WC Kinder shirts.  We are finding that we haven’t received very many and don’t want to make the order until we get 100% in all classes.


Below is the weekly link to the Kinder newsletter.  Please take a moment to click on the link to learn about all of our learning for the week.


February 25, 2019 newsletter




Weekly Post for Week of 2/11


Hello Amazing Kinder Parents,

As we start our week here are a few reminders…

A special note:  In our weekly HW we have begun to include a writing task.  The purpose of this writing task is for your kiddos to practice what we have worked on in class at home to build both their writing confidence and writing stamina.  We ask that when your kiddo is writing that you help them to sound spell words that are decodable (I.E.  house= hows,  leader=ledr), encourage them to spell sight words  (I.E.  the, like, you)  correctly and to have them read back what they have written.  We are finding that many children are turning in writing that is not matching what they produce in class with specific supports.  Remember we don’t want parents to do the writing- we want our kiddos to do the writing…  this is a key piece in our writing program and we need your help and support with this.

1.  Thursday-  Feb  14th is Jump For Heart…  we will all go out to jump at 2:15 to 2:45 PM.  Please make sure your kiddos ae dressed in safe and appropriate shoes and clothing for this event.




2.  Thursday- 2/14  is Valentine’s Day…and we will be exchanging Valentine cards on this day.  Letters were sent home 2 weeks ago asking for our kiddos to simply sign 24 cards and if needed bring 24 treats.  This way when it is time to pass these cards out it is much simpler to have no names rather than helping 24 kiddos read 24 names…. 24 times…. Yikes!!!



3.  Just a reminder that a few weeks back we sent home a bright pink paper about Kinder T-Shirt orders.  Thus far we have received less than 20 gradewide.  We will send home a second reminder sheet about these shirts.  It is a great chance for all of our kiddos to have a special shirt for our upcoming field trips and special days in kinder.  The orders need to be placed prior to us going out on Spring Break- and all orders need to be paid in cash.   We would love for every child to have a special kinder shirt.


4.  Just a reminder that there is no school this Friday- Feb. 15th and Monday- Feb, 18th in honor of President’s Day Weekend.



Below is the link to our weekly newsletter.  Please take a moment to read through to learn about all of our learning for the week.

February 11, 2019 newsletter




PTA Membership Drive

Help our PTA by becoming a member.  You can pick up membership envelopes in the main office.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 8.16.53 AM



Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 7.52.32 AM







Weekly Post for Week of 2/4


Hello Amazing Kinder Parents.

As we begin our week here are a few reminders.

  1.  Remember that your kiddo needs to bring their HW folder to school each and everyday.
  2. Last week we sent home bright pink T-Shirt order forms for special Kinder t-shirts.  Please take a moment to fill out the form and return with payment (cash) so your kiddo can have their special Kinder t-shirt.
  3. As Valentine’s Day is right around the corner we will send home letters this week explaining our policy in regards to this fun day.  If you have any questions please contact your kiddos teacher.
  4.  You may have noticed that the HW this quarter has changed a bit as we added a writing part.  Last week we had you practice writing with your kiddo on the topic of MLK.  We also included a writing frame to help you.    This week the topic is  informational about Groundhog Day.  Remember to encourage your child to sound spell words as they are writing and to spell HFW correctly.

Here is a video link about this special day:  Groundhog Day Read Aloud


1.  Valentine grams sales will begin Feb. 5th- Feb. 12th while supplies last. Please see the PTA table before and after school to purchase yours! The cost is $2.00. Grams will be delivered on February 14th.
2.  Dances with Wolves will be on Friday, February 22nd in the school auditorium from 2-4PM. Please arrange prompt pick-up for your child immediately after the dance. DASH AND YMCA attendees, must go back to those programs once dance is over unless you are being picked up after the dance. This years theme: I love the 80’s! The cost is $1.00 to attend.
3.  PTA is looking for anyone interested in becoming part of the PTA Board for the 2019-2020 school year!  You must be a PTA member for at least 30 days prior to elections on March. 29th, 2019.  Please email
wolfcanyonpta@gmail.com for any information
Below is the link to the weekly Kinder newsletter.  Please take a moment to click on the link to read up about all of our learning for the week.

February 4, 2019 newsletter

Weekly Post for Week of 1/28


Hello Amazing Kinder Parents,

As we begin our we are week here are a few reminders.

  1.  This week is our STEAM Night on Thursday- 1/31.

FAMILY STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) NIGHT

Please save the date for our Family STEAM night taking place on Thursday, January 31st at 6:30pm.  A flyer was sent home last week.  Please review the flyer, plan you evening, and bring the flyer with you to the event.

We are in need of some donations for our STEAM night…. 

  1.  toothpicks
  2.  small marshmallows
  3. gumdrops
  4.  paper plates

(We are in need of supplies that will cover up to 180 projects…  All of these items can come from our favorite store:  Dollar Tree.).  Thank You…


It is hard to believe that it is already time to begin planning for registration for the 2019-2020 school year! Please let your friends and neighbors know that Kindergarten registration packets will be available for pick up on Wednesday, February 6th. Kindergarten Registration packets will be accepted on Wednesday, February 20th.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding registration for the 2019 -2020 school year.

Zone Transfers

If your children are at Wolf Canyon on a Zone Transfer, please be sure to renew your transfer for the 2019-2020 school year.  Please stop by the office to submit your Zone Transfer as soon as possible.


Our school is getting ready to kick off Kids Heart Challenge (formerly known as Jump Rope for Heart) with the American Heart Association. Help us fight heart disease by earning our Heart Heroes Echo, Finn and Ruby right now! As a special BONUS at our school you can also earn plush FINN, by raising $150 online! Get recognized and earn your heart heroes and FINN plush early at our assembly on 1/25/2019! Get started now by going online CLICK HERE to Sign Up  and search  Wolf Canyon Elementary School. You can earn a glow in the dark members only wristband just for registering! Our school’s Kids Heart Challenge event day is coming up!

Donations are due: 2/14/2019


-Week at a Glance-

CR = Conference Room

MPR = Multi-Purpose Room

Monday, 1/28

Tuesday, 1/29

  • 4pm – WC Basketball vs. Camarena
  • 6pm – PTA Association Meeting, MPR

Wednesday, 1/30

Thursday, 1/31

  • 9am – Gr.6 and Simmons Red Carpet Awards, MPR
  • 6:30pm – Family STEAM Night


Friday, 2/1

  • Minimum Day Dismissal